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At Home on The World's Seas


Approved JUMO Measurement and Control Technology for Shipbuilding



The shipbuilding industry places great demands on measurement and control technology. Products for this industry have to be safe, robust, and impervious. JUMO has many years of experience in this area so that it can offer reliable technology with the necessary approvals like DNV GL (Det Norske Veritas), KR (Korean Register), BV (Bureau Veritas) etc.


Measurement and control technology in the shipbuilding industry must not only be impervious to salty sea air. Strong vibrations, impacts, electrical disturbances, fluctuating temperatures, and dust also require high resilience of the implemented devices. For these requirements JUMO offers a variety of products that have been especially designed for use in water with high salt content and potentially explosive areas.


For ballast water management systems JUMO provides conductivity sensors and sensors for chlorine to measure the quality of the ballast water on ships. In Korea, China, and Japan for example the inductive conductivity/concentration transmitter JUMO CTI-500 with KR approval is used a lot in those ballast water units for the electro-chlorination.


JUMO has the JUMO MAERA S29 SW level probe in its product range also for the use in ballast water tanks. The titanium version and the ATEX approval allow the level probe to be deployed in critical areas. Among other uses the level probe is suited for level measurement in anti-heeling systems or for highly viscous media.


For point and continuous level measurement are further devices from JUMO with approvals for shipbuilding and/or explosion protected areas available. In JUMO NESOS devices, a float with an integrated magnet uses its magnetic field to switch one or more reed contacts at rising or falling levels. The measurement can take place in liquid media irrespective of foam formation, conductivity/permittivity, or pressure ratios. The products can be used in many industrial and process engineering applications.


Another product that is suited for hydrostatic level measurement on ships is the JUMO dTRANS p20 pressure transmitter. Its additional ATEX approval makes it predestined for use in LNG tanks. The HART interface enables the configuration of different parameters, such as scaling the measuring range, to be made with ease.


The JUMO MIDAS S07 MA pressure transmitter was also especially developed for the shipbuilding industry. The device can be implemented in harsh conditions due to its compact design and the robust stainless-steel version. It is on board ships for example used in separators in which untreated oil that is heated to the correct temperature is fed continuously to the separator to allow impurities to be eliminated.


One more pressure transmitter specially build for the conditions in seawater applications is the JUMO MIDAS C18 SW. It features an impervious and hysteresis-free ceramic measuring cell, a titanium case, and a titanium process connection. It is used in reverse osmosis units to monitor the pressure in this high salinity areas and to ensure a safe system operation.


JUMO also offers proper products from the control and automation technology field. An example here is the DICON touch, a two-channel universal process and program controller that can acquire different physical measured values with high precision. These include the temperature in the fresh water generator, cooling water, lubricating oil, or steam pressure. Due to different output variants the actuators can be controlled in an analog or digital manner directly in the device.


Additional products for shipbuilding are available such as a variety of sensors for liquid analysis, screw-in RTD temperature probes, safety temperature limiters, precision pressure switches, or a scalable measurement, control, and automation system for demanding automation solutions.


Fig.: Reliable sensor and automation solutions from JUMO for the shipbuilding industry




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