제목 (Wonil T&I) About Wonil T&I Co., Ltd.
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About Wonil T&I                                                



Since its establishment in 1990, Wonil T&I Co., Ltd. has led Gas Industry with its products as Gas Heater, Gas Filter and Gas Treatment System for Governor Station and LNG receiving terminal as well as Power Industry with its products as ASME Ⅲ Pressure Vessel, Debris Filter and related equipment for Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., etc.


In addition, Wonil T&I has developed Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Pressure Vessel and related equipment for refinery, petrochemical, and chemical industries.


Based on accumulated knowhow and experience, Wonil T&I has attained good reputation in LNG receiving terminal, power plant and petrochemical industries.


The key to our reputation lies in our business philosophy characterized by positive thinking, proactive and creative behaviors, which was inspired by the founder of Wonil T&I.


Customer’s satisfaction through high level of quality assurance, delivery observance and technology innovation is the aim of our business policy.


 We would like to take this opportunity to commit ourselves that we will continue our utmost effort for us to become your reliable partner.

Product Name / 제품명 : Recondenser

Model Name / 모델명 : Recondenser

Characteristic / 제품특징 : Recondenser is the cryogenic pressure vessel of stainless steel construction to be installed between the LNG low pressure pump and the high pressure pump with the main function of recondensation of boil-off gas generated from LNG storage tank in LNG terminal of FSRU. Recondenser serves also buffering on suction side of booster pump.


Product Name / 제품명 : Fuel Gas Supply System

Model Name / 모델명 : Fuel Gas Supply System

Characteristic / 제품특징 : Fuel Gas Supply System is installed upstream of gas turbine in combined cycle power plant or in pressure reducing station to supply stabilized natural gas to gas turbines or boiler as fuel by regulating the temperature and the pressure in a safe and reliable manner.


Product Name / 제품명 : Hydrogen Storage Alloy & Hydrogen Storage Cylinder

Model Name / 모델명 : Hydrogen Storage Alloy & Hydrogen Storage Cylinder

Characteristic / 제품특징 : Hydrogen storage alloys and hydrogen storage cylinder stores hydrogen as a key component of submarine fuel cells and hydrogen can also be released under certain temperature conditions and harsh conditions if required. Hydrogen produced when it is combined with oxygen produces electrical energy.


Product Name / 제품명 : Submerged Combustion Vaporizer

Model Name / 모델명 : Submerged Combustion Vaporizer

Characteristic / 제품특징 : In the submerged combustion LNG Vaporizer, hot water heated by the submerged combustion burner vaporizers the LNG in the stainless steel tube bundle. SCV is used for not only base load vaporization but also peak shaving or emergency operation. Thanks to large heat capacity of the water bath, SCV provides rapid response time for start-up, shut-down and rapid load fluctuation.


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