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Booth No. 4H18


Auramarine, is a Finnish company and the leading provider of fuel supply systems for the marine and power industries. The company has delivered over 14,500 auxiliary units globally for the past forty years. Auramarine provides expert consultancy and guidance on the safe and efficient supply of fuel and has pioneered the development and implementation of world-class fuel changeover systems and operations. The company works in close partnership with shipowners to ensure that the fuel supply systems are high quality, fit for purpose and offer reassurance to shipowners and operators that the operational integrity of their vessel, and therefore profitability, will be maintained.


The impending introduction of the global 0.5% sulphur cap in 2020 represents arguably the most profound regulatory change in the industry since shipping bunker fuel converted from coal to fuel oil many decades ago. We are aware of the immediate demands of the 2020 regulation, and the company’s focus is on delivering customized fuel supply solutions to manage the significant increase in the use of low sulphur fuels, the properties of which differ from fuels such as Heavy Fuel Oil. Preparation is the key in the run up to 2020 and it is crucial for ship owners to work with knowledgeable experts who understand how to best mitigate risks and minimize downtime, and unexpected costs and delays. Auramarine works with ship owners, shipyards and engine manufacturers to thoroughly evaluate the needs of each individual vessel, understand the exact requirement and set in place an efficient and effective fuel supply system or system modification on agreed schedule. Our commitment continues with dependable, global lifecycle support services.


Please visit Auramarine stand 4H18 at Finland Pavilion Hall 4, 1F.


Sales info & Inquiries
Tel: +358 20 486 5030
e-Mail: sales@auramarine.com, after.sales@auramarine.com (for spares, maintenance and retrofits)
Auramarine has a global agent network serving 25 countries.


To find your closest Auramarine representative, please visit https://www.auramarine.com/contact/

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