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LUKOIL Marine Lubricants offer a state-of-the-art marine product range comprising main and minor grades of the highest quality, exceeding OEM specifications. Our product portfolio provides excellent quality and performance and are globally available at all times. We offer comprehensive technical service including Used Oil Analysis, Cylinder Scrapedown Analysis and ship visits by certified marine engineers.


■ Our motto: ALWAYS AHEAD
■ In order to offer the best possible lubricant solution in the years leading up to 2020 and beyond, we launched NAVIGO MCL Extra in May 2017, a 40 BN marine cylinder oil for distillate, ultra-low sulphur fuel oil (<0.1%S) and very low sulphur heavy fuel oil applications. As before in 2011, when we were able to establish ourselves as technology leader with the development of NAVIGO 100 MCL, we were once again the first lubricant supplier in the market to realize and react to the new situation – this time by recognising the need for a rebalanced 40 BN cylinder oil to cover the future needs, solve the issue of insufficient detergency and achieve the right performance for the range of sulphur fuels. Launching NAVIGO MCL Extra as early as 2017 provided us with more than three years’ experience with our product in engines running on very and ultra-low sulphur fuels and tests completed on VLSFO with NAVIGO MCL Extra in ECAs had excellent results in term of piston and ring cleanliness.


■ A new generation of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs)
■ We achieved to strengthen our leading position with our newly developed EAL generation: At present, we are the only company that offers a globally available EAL product range based on fully saturated esters, which due to its excellent ageing resistance and seal compatibility allows for an extended dry dock interval of up to 7.5 years.


■ Pioneering Technology:
■ iCOlube®
■ Our onboard system for intelligent cylinder oil lubrication, called iCOlube®, provides optimized cylinder oil for the prevailing engine requirements at a constant feed rate. This offers benefits such as lubricant cost savings, wear reduction and environmental protection by saving CO2. In addition, it makes engine operation easier since only the fuel sulphur content needs to be entered – iCOlube® takes care of everything else.
LUKOIL is now offering their iCOlube® unit with an additional option: iCOlube® can now be operated with NAVIGO MCL Extra


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