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Company introduction

Since 1982, JINYOUNG TBX Co. has been producing Turbine Blade that are the part of Turbine Power plant. We also have been striving continuously to obtain the advanced technology which would help the company develop local industry as well.

Certified with ISO9001 and AS9100, etc., our company provides our customer’s needs by investing in the latest technology and quality at the beginning of the 21st century.

We make every effort to satisfy the customers need through highest quality products and best possible services.


Main product : Turbine Blade

Turbine Blade(Bucket) is a motor that do to change energy of high pressure steam that happen in Boilier or nuclear reactor by work. This high pressure stream kind of process and high speed that make stream kind of high speed passing Diaphragm Partition to Bucket that is assembled to Rotor instigate and achieves work by exercise change of air current.

Product Name / 제품명 :  다양한 터빈 블레이드 (Turbine Blade)



Product Name / 제품명 : 다이아프람 (Diaphragm)



Product Name / 제품명 : 로터 (Rotor)


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