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  • Q How can I receive KORMARINE News?

    KORAMARINE Secretariat operates Naver blog, KakaoTalk channel, Facebook page, and Instagram account including newsletter.
    You can easily check the news of the exhibition and issues related to the
    marine and shipbuilding industry, so please feel free to visit and communicate.
    You can subscribe to the newsletter by entering your email address on the main page of our website.
    Click the icon on the top right of the homepage to go to the appropriate social media page.

  • Q I have a history of participation. What is the most different about KORMARINE 2021 from the previous exhibitions?

    KORMARINE 2021 will be held at whole exhibition center 1 of BEXCO for the first time ever.
    Therefore, we will use 4 halls as before, but we are now planning to use whole exhibition center 1 (1,2,3 hall) and 4 hall of
    exhibition center 2.
    Please refer to it when registering for online application.

  • Q Where can I find a list of registered contractors with BEXCO?

    You can check it at BEXCO website (http://www.bexco.co.kr/kor/Board.do?mCode=MN0038) or the notice on the website of KORMARINE (http://www.kormarine.com/kor/media/notice_view.asp?NUM=25&param=%26page%3D1).

  • Q How can I participate in KORMARINE 2021 as an exhibitor?

    Online registration is available. Click "BOOK A STAND" on the top right of the KORMARINE website.  Accept the terms and conditions and fill your information and the size of the preferring booth. Based on the information you have entered, we will guide you individually.

  • Q What is the difference between a Shell Scheme, Raw Space, and a Premium Booth?

    Shell Scheme is a basic unit manufactured and built up by KORMARINE Secretariat. The cost of the Shell Scheme is included in the participation fee and the design cannot be changed.                                                       

    Raw Space is provided only the booth area. You should do all work including installation of display equipment, electric works, lighting installation, and removal either by yourself or through registered contractors with BEXCO. You can apply for Raw Space if the booth is larger than 2 booths (18sqm).                                                          

    The Premium booth is a package prepared for exhibitors who want more spectacular construction than shell scheme or to reduce the booth construction. If you want to build a premium booth, please contact KORMARINE Secretariat after applying for Raw Space.

  • Q How do I order subsidiary facilities such as Furniture/ Electronics/ Electric power/ Compressed air?

    Click the Exhibitor Login on the Home Page Exhibitor tab. Go to the Application for subsidiary facilities page and sign in. For the compulsory items, you must apply for each booth type. Optional items are also available.

  • Q When are the build-up and display period?

    The build-up period is from Friday, October 18, 2019, to Sunday, October 20. The display period is Monday, October 21. Build-up and display work are available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. All exhibitors must complete their construction within the given period. Note that extra cost will be charged for any build-up over-time. The constructor must visit the organizer office to apply “Build UP Over-time” and approval.

    * Any build-up over-time without the organizer’s approval may cause disadvantages on a specific company.

  • Q Is there a height restriction for my exhibition space?

    Hall 1, 2, 3: first block 4.5m, second and third block 5m, fourth block 6m

    Hall 4: first block 4m, second block 5m

  • Q What are the rules and regulations around rigging?

    The availability of rigging depends on the safety inspection and location of the booth. Companies rigging booths must report to the organizer and work with the rigging company approved from the BEXCO. There is no additional cost for the rigging within the limit of the booth height. If a Rigging booth height surpasses the limited, it may be considered as publicity material and charged a sponsor fee.

    Check the rigging floorplan - http://www.kormarine.com/kor/media/notice_view.asp?NUM=23&param=%26page%3D1

  • Q What is business matchmaking?

    Through business matchmaking program, you can check the information of the buyers and plan business meetings before the exhibition begins. Click on the "matchmaking" tab in the menu bar.

  • Q Can I get a parking ticket?

    We do not offer a parking ticket. Taking public transportation or taxis are recommended.

  • Q How much is the parking fee for BEXCO?

    BEXCO parking fee is 350 won for 10 minutes, and 15,000 won per day. Please check the BEXCO homepage for more information. (small car, Refer to 2021.06.07)

  • Q How do I apply for rebooking KORMARINE 2021?

    If you are willing to rebook KORMARINE 2021, you can apply at KORMARINE 2019. Visit the Rebooking Office located in the exhibition hall and book KORMARINE 2021 with an early-bird discount.