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Handling Exhibit Items

Type Date Opening Hours
Bringing in 18-21 Oct 2019 08:00~20:00
Taking out 25 Oct 2019 After the show closed 16:30~22:00
26 Oct 2019 08:00~16:00
Bringing in Exhibit Items
  • Exhibition hall freight gate will be very crowded, and it may cause time delay. Secretariat recommend to bring exhibit items early as possible.
  • Goods may not be stored in service spaces behind or between stands. During the move-in construction of Booths and removal of exhibits, the passageways in the Exhibition Halls MUST NOT be obstructed with the packing materials, construction materials or debris
Taking out Exhibit Items :
  • Removal or delivery of exhibits and other exhibition stores in or out of the Exhibition Hall during the open hours of the Exhibition is NOT PERMITTED. Please stay reminded, until the show close for visitors.
  • Usage of compressed air and water supply/drainage is prohibited. All exhibit items operation must be stopped at 17:00.
  • If you wish to remove any item of your display from the Hall during the Exhibition days, a 'GOODS REMOVAL PASS' must be obtained
  • Heavy goods can be removed from 18:00, after all visitors left the exhibition center.
  • Many robbery cases were reported. Please be ware of exhibit items lost and robbery.
Exhibits Removal Guide
  • Requirements: Goods Removal Pass, Exhibitor survey
  • KORMARINE Secretariat Confirmation
  • Submit the Confirmed Goods Removal Pass to security guards. Note that submission exhibitor survey and exhibition related payment must be made to have Secretariat confirmed Goods Removal Pass.